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Recombinant L-Methionine-g-Lyase

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L-methionine a-deamino-g-mercaptomethane lyase, L-methionine- g-lyase.
L-Methionine-g-lyase (METase) is a pyridoxal phosphate- containing enzyme which degrades L-methionine to a-ketobutyrate, ammonia and methyl mercaptan.

Recombinant L-Methionine-
g-lyase(rMETase) has been shown to be a broad-bases tumor-selective chemotherapy agent and has synergetic effects with traditional chemotherapy [1-8].
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Recombinant L-Methionine-g-lyase (rMETase) is cloned from Pseudomonas putida,  expressed  in E. coli [2].

The purity of rMETase is 95% and is supplied as a lyophilized powder and stored at -20
Ordering Information